A. Organization
B. Games configurations

A. Organization
1. All rounds must be played in BO1 but the final must be played in BO3.
2. Each participant must join the site and register by himself for selected tournaments.
3. The player who isn't present on time will be forfeited.
4. You have 10 minutes to join your opponent and start the first game of tournament. After 10 minutes your opponent can take defwin.
5. All tournaments will be played in channel: Clan PwRG
6. The admins may sanction if they think that it's necessary.
7. Each first map of BO1/BO3 will be given by an Admin.
8. If match is stopped by any external factor then the match must be restarted, unless an admin judge isn't necessary.
9. Each player must be CHECK-IN 30 minutes before tournament's start (check-in on website)
10. A disqualified player can't make a claim.
11. All tournament's matchs must be played in on day. Only the final can be postponed with the admin permission.

B. Games configurations
1. All games must be play on w3arena.
2. WarCraft III version: 1.26a
3. Game configuration must be setting like that:
- Random Races: Unticked
- Randoms Heroes: Unticked
- Observers: Ticked (Never referee)
- Visibility: Default
4. Any form of cheat is absolutely isn't authorized.